About Us

MKT Microfinance Ltd

In 2014,Golden Key Co.,LTD also invested  in microfinance sectors as Myat KyunThar Microfinance Ltd ., We aim to develop and give a sustainable life for rural people in Myanmar.

Myat Kyun Thar Ltd, have worked in nearly 100 village  across the Dry zone and Delta zone ,suppose to small loans for Low–income women in rural areas. 


To empower the Low-income particularly in rural areas to take greater control of their own lives and significantly improve their standard of living by increasing their opportunities for making productive economic investments


To improve income in agricultural, commercial and manufacturing enterprises in the rural areas by providing loans at reasonable interest rates and encouraging savings, and specifically targeting women and Low income families in order to help them achieve a higher income.


We have several loans such as Sesonal Loans for Agriculture and Bi-weekly Loans for Empower women. Moreover, We have supposed to give a training  to rural people to get more knowledge for doing own small business.